Haus Maids Franchisee Toni Greenway is basking in the glow of an extraordinary second year in business with her Haus Maids home cleaning business in Fleet, Hampshire. Since its inception in November 2021, Toni’s franchise has not only maintained but surpassed its initial success, achieving a remarkable turnover of £200,000—a testament to her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

In a remarkable display of consistent growth, Toni’s journey began with an impressive £111,000 turnover in her first year. Now, having firmly established herself as a leader in the home cleaning industry in Fleet, she continues to set new standards for success.

Toni’s achievements extend beyond financial milestones. She has successfully cultivated a dynamic team of employees, with one standout member recently receiving the National Employee of the Year Award at the annual Haus Maids national conference. This recognition not only reflects Toni’s commitment to excellence but also highlights the positive and empowering work environment she has fostered within her franchise.

Richard Knight, the Founder of Haus Maids, expressed his admiration for Toni’s accomplishments, stating, “Toni has done an incredible job building her fantastic business. Her unwavering dedication and hard work have set a benchmark for success. Toni serves as an inspiration to both our existing franchisees and those considering joining our network. We are thrilled about the trajectory of her business and eagerly anticipate supporting Toni as she continues to achieve even greater heights in the years to come.”

Haus Maids Franchisee Toni from Fleet


Established in 2012, Haus Maids has solidified its position as a premier home cleaning business, offering clients a bespoke and professional service. The franchise, currently offering opportunities nationwide, aims to empower motivated individuals who believe they have what it takes to replicate Toni’s success in their respective areas.

As Toni’s story exemplifies, Haus Maids is not just a business opportunity—it’s a platform for ambitious entrepreneurs to thrive and build something truly exceptional. With a proven business model and a supportive network, the Haus Maids franchise is poised for continued growth and success, inviting individuals to embark on a rewarding journey much like Toni’s.